Unicorn Industries Engineering

Range of Equipments Manufactured
  • »Roller, Chain, Belt and Screw Conveyors
  • »Insulated / Un-insulated Storage Vessels
  • »Jacketed / non-jacketed Reactors with or without Agitator
  • »Limpet Coil Vessels with or without Agitators
  • »Pressure Vessels
  • »Tubular Heat Exchangers with fixed / floating Heads
  • »Crystallizers, Vertical / Horizontal
  • »Distillation Columns
  • »Batch / Continuous Evaporators
  • »Filteration Equipment
  • »Ribbon / Drum type Blenders
  • »Transporation Tankers Insulated / non-insulated
  • »Clean in place Systems
  • »Equipment for Manufacturing Butter, Ghee, Cheese, Ice-cream and Dairy Products

Manufacturing Experience
  • »150 Nos Milk Transportation Tankers of Capacity ranging from 8,000 Litres to 14,000 Litres to National Dairy Development Board funded projects
  • »Syrup Preparation & Blending Equipment to the Franchisees of M/s. Pepsi Foods Limited and Coca-cola (India)
  • »Ice Cream Mix preparation and Ageing Equipment to M/s. Vadilal Industries and M/s. Kwality Ice Creams
  • »Mobile Site Blending Explosive Plant to M/s. Indian Detonators Limited and M/s. Premier Explosives Limited
  • »Malt based Alcohol Distillation and Re-rectification Plant to M/s. Mc.Dowel & Co. Limited
  • »25 Nos Brewery Fermentors / Unitanks from 25 KL Capacity to 85 KL Capacity to M/s. Charminar Breweries Limited, Blossum Breweries (Dama)