Project Services

    Supply, Installation and Commissioning of complete electrical system from the substation to individual equipments comprising of sub-station HT Switch Gears, LT Panel. Motor control Centres, Conduit Laying, Cabling, Earthing etc.


    Supply and Installation of cold and hot insulation.


    Supply, Installation, Calibration and Mounting of Instruments, Control Panels, Temperature Controllers, Flow Diversion System Thermometer, Pressure Gauges, HP and LP and OP cut-outs. Ph meters, Redox meters etc.

    Supply, Installation and Commissioning
    • »Storage Tank
    • »Agitator Vessels
    • »Reactors
    • »Heat Exchanger
    • »Pumps
    • »Compressors
    • »Oil & Coal Fixed Boilers
    • »Water Softening Plants
    • »Furnace Oil System
    • »Material Handling System etc
    Piping for
    • »Hp and Lp Stream Line
    • »Raw Water, Soft Water, Chilled Water Line
    • »Air Line
    • »HSDD/Furnace Oil/LSHS Line
    • »Stainless Steel Pipe Line
    • »Ammonia, LPG and other gas Line
    Structural Steel Works
    Fire Fighting System

Project Experience

The Project Division of Unicorn has been involved in implementation of over 100 Projects. Following is the partial list projects.

  • »18 TPD Baby Food Plant at Nandyal Dairy for M/s. Andhra Pradesh Co-op. Dairy Federation Limited
  • »100 Milk Chilling Centers of capacities ranging from 10,000 LPD to 30,000 LPD located all
  • »Over India for National Dairy Development Board and other State Dairy co-operatives
  • »30 Milk Product Plants of capacities ranging from 50,000 LPD to 400,000 LPD located all over India for National Dairy Development Board and State Dairy Co-operatives
  • »Dextrose, Sorbitol and Manitol Plant for M/s. Unicorn Organics Limited
  • »Soft Drinks Concentrate Plant for M/s. Pepsi Foods Limited
  • »1200 TR Cold Store for M/s. Fregerio Conserva Allana Limited
  • »Mechanical Erection of Process Equipment and Piping of Petroleum Resin Plant for M/s. Indian Petro Chemicals Limited
  • »Mechanical Erection & Piping of LPG Bottling Plant for M/s. Hindustan Petroleum Limited at Hyderabad and Goa
  • »100 CIP Systems for Syrup Room Equipments for Pepsi and Coca-cola